APEN Touch 8 Named “CES Product of the Day”

Patented Digital Pen for Windows 8

OutTake: Successful launch of the Touch 8 Digital Pen for Windows 8 computers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Situation – APEN was set to launch its Touch 8 digital pen for Windows 8 at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, but Windows 8 had just become available in October 2012 and adoption rates among consumers were low. APEN was faced with the challenge of educating consumers on Windows 8 and the benefits of having a touch-enabled computer screen.

Action – Copernio announced the APEN Touch 8 the week before CES 2013 and arranged briefings and on-site meetings with editors throughout the show. In addition, Copernio attended a press event with APEN the first night of CES where they spoke with more than 100 editors.

Results – The APEN Touch 8 was named the “CES Product of the Day” from the Associated Press (AP) on the first day of the show. The AP “CES Product of the Day” article was picked-up by more than 400 print and online news sites throughout January. APEN also received multiple retailers interested in the Touch 8.

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille

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