Magellan Smart GPS Wows Crowds at CES

The Leader in GPS Navigation Innovation

OutTake: Launching the Magellan’s new SmartGPS cloud based navigation solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with over 35 editor briefings, 100 product review requests and 2,000 articles to date.

Situation – The challenge faced by Magellan in late 2012 was that most editors considered in-vehicle PND devices to be a category that was reaching the end of its existance. However, Magellan’s new Cloud based SmartGPS was about to revolutionize the PND market with location based and social content.

Action – Copernio distributed the SmartGPS press release under NDA prior to CES 2013 and arranged one-on-one briefings pre-show in New York City with 11 Tier 1 editors. Briefings continued in 2013 at CES, New York City, San Francisco and over the phone. Positive reviews have been published by the Tier 1 national media, technology press and bloggers in the US and Canada.

Results – As a result of the in-person and phone briefings, Magellan was able to change the perception of editors about the in-vehicle GPS category. Key media including USA Today, Bloomberg, CNET, Engadget, Gizmodo, New York Times, Huffington Post, Macworld, Consumer Reports, AllThingsD and more have published positive articles and reviews. 35 editor briefings have happened to date, more than 100 editors have requested samples to review, and total press coverage is more than 2,000 clips. The SmartGPS launched nationwide with Best Buy with additional retailers following.

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille

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