Dane-Elec Explores New Territories at CES

Flash Memory and Storage Manufacturer

OutTake: Launching New Products at CES

SituationDane-Elec had several new products launching at CES 2013 that were outside of the categories they were known for. The first was a line-up of mobile accessories, the second a hybrid network attached storage (NAS) solution with local and cloud storage.

 Action Copernio created a comprehensive launch plan that included: distribution of 3 press releases before CES, media outreach in November and December leading up to the show, attendance at the Pepcom press event during CES, and post-CES follow up with the media.

ResultsCopernio’s PR campaign around CES resulted in a successful launch of Dane-Elec’s two new products. The press releases and Pepcom press coverage resulted in more than 900 clips for the Dane-Elec new products in December and January. They met with 70 editors at Pepcom, where 3 interviews were filmed live, and received more than 30 product requests at the event and through post-event follow up.


Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille

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