Dane-Elec Overcomes Deficient Odds

Flash Memory and Storage Manufacturer 

OutTake: Driving traffic to retail stores through a mom blog review campaign.

Situation – Dane-Elec had a line of USB drives for kids and teens for the back to school season at Target stores nationwide. The products were not placed as predominantly as expected in the stores, so Dane-Elec was faced with the challenge of getting consumers into Target asking for the USB drives.

Action – Copernio created a mom blog review and giveaway campaign with more than 30 bloggers to drive traffic to Target stores. This was in addition to other product placement within traditional print and online media.

Results – The mom blog campaign, in combination with press releases and other traditional print and online media coverage, resulted in more than 600 clips and more than 2,000 social media mentions in a 3-month time frame for the Kids Line USB drives. Dane-Elec sold “on plan” at Target in a year where back to school sales were down 12%.

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille

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