Fairchild Fastener Becomes Worlds Largest Fastener Manufacturer


Aviation, Defense, Industrial & Medical Manufacturing

OutTake: Building and branding the worlds largest manufacturer of fasteners.

Situation – The Fairchild Corporation set a goal in its Fairchild Fastener’s division to become the world’s largest manufacturer of fasteners for aviation, aerospace, industrial, medical and defense markets over a four-year period using an aggressive acquisition strategy.

Action – Copernio’s staff was integral to the integration of the newly acquired companies and development of the Fairchild Fasteners brand. Responsibilities included trade press relations, investor relations, capital funding, creative services and special event support.

Results – The new brands were successfully integrated into the Fairchild Fastener’s division that became the world’s largest fastener manufacturer. The company received articles in numerous publications including:  Aviation Week, Flight International, Flug Revue, Air & Cosmos, Aviation International News, Speed Newsand many more. Fairchild Fasteners was then sold in its entirety to Alcoa.