How Social Influencers Build Brand Credibility


The importance of brand credibility

One of the most important goals of marketing is building brand credibility. Why? Because building credibility increases the chances that consumers will have a positive perception of your brand. Consumers will almost always choose a brand they have a positive perception of over those that they don’t when deciding where to spend their hard earned cash. Let’s take cars for example. If you or a relative has had problems with a specific vehicle from a certain car manufacturer, chances are you will never buy a car from them again no matter how great any of their other cars may be. This brings me to my next point. What do we all know about perceptions? Once formed, they are very difficult to change, so it is important to work hard to acquire and retain a good one. This is where ‘Social Influencers’ can help.

How social influencers can help build your brand’s credibility

While traditional paid media ads used to be viewed as the most trusted form of advertising, that is no longer the case. Study after study has shown that the most trusted forms of advertising are now referral based. People trust the opinions of other real people, whether that is friends, family or social influencers, and trust is key in order to build brand credibility.  For the sake of time lets focus on social influencers. There are a few attributes that qualify someone as a social influencer. These are people that have large social networks, are looked up to and trusted by others, are involved in their particular community and tend to be trendsetters.

So, how can they actually add credibility to your brand? They provide the most trusted form of advertising, word-of-mouth, at much larger scales than previously possible.   If they like you and your brand, they can endorse you. By doing so, the trust that their followers have in them will pass onto you as well, adding instant credibility to your brand.

Social influencers also have the power to write “real” unbiased reviews for your products. These types of advertisements hold a lot more weight coming from trustworthy end consumers, rather than salespeople on commission. If that is not possible, they can always mention your brand in a blog post or video, which again comes across as more of a natural endorsement.

Another option is to find influencers, who’s following is as close to your target market as possible, and pay them to refer your product. Consumers relate the product to their favorite celebrity or blogger, again instantly adding credibility to the brand. If nothing else, social influencers are able to help your brand stand out in a crowded space where people are bombarded with ads.