4 Steps to Working With Vloggers


In the consumer electronics/tech space, video “unboxings” and reviews have become increasingly popular on YouTube. Some channels have more than 2 million subscribers, such as tech vlogger Marques Brownlee. Is your company taking advantage of these large audiences? To many companies, video bloggers, or vloggers, are an untapped resource for promoting their product/brand. You may think, “how do I find vloggers or get them to review my product?” It’s easier than you think. To help you along, we’ve put together a simple four-step guide to working with vloggers.




The first step to working with vloggers is to identify the correct channels/personalities for your product. An easy way to start is to check out your competition. Do a simple search in YouTube for “competitor name unboxing” and see which channels are already interested in your product category. Start an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the results. Once you have a list of channels, rank them in priority order by looking at number of subscribers, average number of views per video, and number of comments per video. Also, double check that the content of the videos match what your target audience is interested in. For example, if your target audience is men aged 25-40, a channel that primarily reviews teen beauty products would not be a good fit.

Secure Participants

Once you have your list of targeted vloggers, draft up a personalized email to each. Keep it short and sweet and be up front about what you are looking for and the requirements. Did they do a video on a similar product? Mention that you watched it! Do you have a timeframe you’d like the video to be completed by? A retailer you want linked to in the description or mentioned in the video? List the requirements so the vlogger can agree to participate and your superiors (or client) will be happy with the results. Be aware that some vloggers charge to do a review or unboxing of products. This could range from $250 to thousands of dollars. Know your budget beforehand and pitch appropriately – if you have no budget, try targeting smaller vloggers who most likely will do a video review in exchange for product only.

Be A Resource

After securing the number of targeted vloggers for your campaign and shipping them product, make yourself a resource to them. Provide them with the necessary web links they may need or are required to post; Offer hi-res product or lifestyle photos; Check in a week later to see how the product is working for them and see if they have any questions. The easier you make the review process for them, the more likely they are to work with you again in the future.

Interact & Share Socially

Congratulations, your video has been posted! After a vlogger posts the unboxing or review video, be sure to interact with the post and share it. This is an important step in creating and maintaining a positive relationship with each influencer. Easy ways to do this include commenting on the video with a thank you, as well as sharing the video on your brand’s social media pages. Tag the vlogger’s pages (where applicable) and encourage your followers to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more great videos.