Why Your Business Should be Blogging


While blogging used to be viewed as nothing more than a hobby with little value, it has quickly gained credibility as a powerful marketing tool within the business world.

Here are a few major advantages of maintaining a company blog:

Give your company an identity – Business blogs allow companies to get on a more personal level with their customers. Through the topics and writing style, customers will be able to pick up on the type of company you are and decide for themselves if they want to work with you or not.

Increase awareness – Blogging helps keep the company visible on the web through content creation. Maintaining a company blog not only increases your brand awareness, it also increased credibility, search engine rankings and leads.

Customer interaction – A company blog allows you to interact with customers on a much more personal level, receive feedback and opinions. Your company will develop a better relationship with customers and they will think of you when the time comes.

Cost effective – Blogs are very cheap (even sometimes free) to maintain.

How to create interesting company blogs

Start by identifying whom your target audience is and what you should blog about. A blog that is interesting to some won’t necessarily be to others; it is important that you create content that your target audience will find interesting and that will add value to their lives. When writing your blog posts there are a few things you can do to keep people coming back every day.

Have fun – Have fun when writing for your blog, it will reflect in your voice and ultimately result in much more interesting content.  An easy way to do this is to write about something you are passionate about, and tie it in with the overall identity of the blog.

Be human – Blogs are supposed to be different from more traditional types of writing. Don’t get worked up trying to sound overly professional, just write. People enjoy reading content that is full of emotion.

Seek feedback – Encourage readers to leave comments, opinions and suggestions. Readers are much more likely to return to your blog knowing that you value them and what they have to say.

How to ensure your posts are relevant to your readers

Content must be relevant. It must get people talking. It must be so good that it needs to be shared. Easier said than done, however. So how best to do it? Here are a few tips that might help:

Ask your audience – The easiest method to discover what matters most to your audience is simply to ask them. This can be done in person, through email, or through various social media sites.

Explore what’s trending – There are a variety of tools (Google Trends, Twitter and Alexa Hot Topics to name a few) that can be used to show which topics are currently being talked about most. Looking at these trending topics may help spark ideas of your own and get a better idea of what your audience is interested in at the moment.

Look to the past – What has worked in the past? What hasn’t? Going through old posts allows you to see what’s been successful with your audience. Use what has worked in the past to help create new content that will be relevant to them in the present-day.