How to Use Instagram for PR


Did you know that Instagram is one of the best tools you can use to amplify your PR efforts? Here are six great ways you can start utilizing the gram today!  

  • Highlight your products/announce new products
    • Instagram is all about visually appealing content, so an easy place to start is by sharing high quality images or video of your product to appeal to your consumers.
    • Highlight different use cases of your products àshow your product in different scenarios to help people relate to it more.
    • Provide value to your customers by showcasing advanced features or tips and tricks for your product if available. 
  • Humanize your company
    • Introduce new employees.
    • Give your audience a behind the scenes look into your company.
    • Feature employees that make a difference in your company.
    • Show your company’s culture and what makes it different from other companies.
    • All of these will help customers/potential customers identify with your brand. We’d all much prefer to buy from a company that we know and trust, then a company with no face.
  • Expand your reach
    • Include relevant hash tags in your posts to organize your content and reach new people. While you can post up to 30 per image, I strongly suggest only sticking to a few. Companies that post too many hash tags per post can come across a bit desperate.
    • While this one requires some amount of direct monetary investment, you can use Facebook’s incredible targeting capabilities to expand your reach through sponsored posts. Just make sure your content is visually appealing!
  • Engage with your followers, customers, perspective customers, etc. in a more personal way
    • Instagram provides customers and brands a platform to directly talk to each other, take advantage of that! Pro Tip: find who is following your competitors, and connect with them. 
    • Get involved in conversations using hashtags that are relevant to your company, reply to comments, find people that are sharing content that aligns with your brand. 
  • Connect with influencers or other brands for future collaborations
    • One of the best ways to connect with influencers is right in the Instagram app itself. It shows that your company understands the platform and keep up to date with their work already. 
  • Recruit new hires
    • Those that already follow your company are perfect prospects. Who better to work at your company than someone already interested in and engaging with it!


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