When Disaster Strikes Eviant Is There

Portable digital television manufacturer 

OutTake: Launching a new television brand into an already crowded market.

Situation – A new company, a portable digital television manufacturer, was entering an already crowded market space dominated by large, well-funded competitors. Eviant’s product had been announced 6 months earlier, but was just now available at retail.

The June 2009 digital television signal transition rendered useless the small, battery-powered analog television sets so many citizens in disaster-prone areas relied upon. When electrical power is cut off these small televisions are the primary way people monitor storm news.

Action – A targeted campaign was designed by Copernio to remind regional and local weathermen about the potential negative impact the DTV signal transition could have on disaster communications. Over 50 Eviant portable digital televisions were seeded with weathermen nationwide who requested them.

Result – Copernio’s campaign resulted in ongoing, on-air product coverage through December 2009 and into 2010. Sales exceeded company expectations.

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille

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